Sam Keathley

Hi. I'm Sam.

A Frontend Developer.

I'm also a traditional artist with a keen eye for detail and bringing ideas to life.

A Little About Me

I've been a developer (professionally) for two years but have been studying code for closer to three. My preferred home is in the frontend, but I won't shy away from backend work with the right team, company, or project.

Outside of code, I enjoy drawing, playing with my dog, reading, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

General Nonsense

A MERN stack eCommerce site for the discerning adventurer.

Cowboy BeeBot

A Discord bot that gives you facts and gifs about bees. Built with Discord.js

Drawing Prompt Generator

Built with ReactJS, this word randomizer gives you prompt ideas for your next creation.

FitBit Versa Watch Face

A custom, plain Jane, watch face for the FitBit Versa family of watches.

Galveston LPC

A website for a licensed therapist in Galveston, TX; built using Wix.

I'm available for hire!

Have an exciting project and need some help bringing it to life?